Scientific Circle Geowiert

Scientific Circle Geowiert

Geowiert is one of the oldest scientific circles at AGH-UST, hosting a group of ambitious students who search for new solutions in oil industry, especially drilling and geoengineering, under the supervision of academi staff. The Circle's activity covers numerous laboratory analyses of drilling fluids, sealing slurries and hole heat exchangers (the latter in the new geoenergy laboratory). Members of the Scientific Circle take active and leading part in scientific sessions and their papers are published in scientific journals. They also cooperate with SPE members. Apart from strictly scientific and research activity the Circle also organizes trips and meetings oriented to deepening the knowledge in modern solutions used in drilling and geoengineering, as well as smaller meetings dedicated to exchange of thought and cultivating contacts. Board:

Supervised by: Tomasz Śliwa, Ph.D.;

President: Jacek Hendel

Vice-President: Grzegorz Kowalczyk

Tresurer: Katarzyna Śliwa

Information is available at the website:, Contact e-mail: ir e-mails of the Board members.