Scientific Circle Oil and Gas

Scientific Circle Oil and Gas

Scientific Circle Oil and Gas hosts students of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas representing mainly minor specialization of Exploitation of Liquid Raw Minerals and Gas Engineering. In the academic year 2009/2010 the Scientific Circle Oil and Gas has about 50 members. Board:

Tomasz Włodek ? President

Katarzyna Czwarnowska ? Vice-President

Katarzyna Śliwa ? Treasurer

Mirosław Krakowiak ? Secretary

Supervised by: Czesław Rybicki, Ph.D. and Paweł Wojnarowski, Ph.D.

The logo of S.C. Oil and Gas refers to the most characteristic symbol connecting exploitation of liquid raw minerals and gas engineering, i.e. plume on the rig The didactic activity of the Circle concentrates on developing issues presented during classes in oil and natural gas exploitation and widely understood gas engineering. The SC members participate in thematic meetings and trips, branch conferences and undertakings with students of other faculties (debates with students of Cracow University of Economics during symposium on gas relations between Poland, EU and Russia). S.C. members also participate in Student's Scientific Sessions of Scientific Mining Circles AGH-UST, in a session during the Miner's Day of 2009 the SC Oil and Gas presented 5 papers delivered by Tomasz Włodek (CO2 transport through pipelinea ? 3rd place), Wojciech Piętka (simulation of CO2 injection to depleted oil fields), Sebastian Kanik and Jarosław Babiarz (laboratory stand for making and analyzing hydrates), Mirosław Krakowiak (artificial porous spaces) and Katarzyna Czwarnowska and Eliza Zbyszewska (hydrodynamic tests). Further plans of the Circle cover developing scientific activity and student's interests in oil and gas industry.