Studies at the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas

The Faculty offers full-time and extramural studies of first, second and third degree (Doctoral), as well as postgraduate studies. Minor specializations are available at second degree (MSc) studies.

Disciplines and specializations:

Mining and Geology

  • Drilling and geoengineering
  • Exploitation of liquid raw minerals
  • Natural gas engineering
  • Environmental protection for economy,
  • Economics of oil and gas industrial production
  • Water management and protection.

Oil and Gas Engineering

  • Oil drilling
  • Oil engineering
  • Gas engineering

Post-graduate studies in:

  • Hydrocarbons mining
  • Modern non-excavation techniques and technologies
  • Environmental protection of urban zones
  • Polish oil and gas industry in view of economic integration with member states
  • Drilling technologies in development and geoengineering
  • Gas transport and gas power engineering
  • Management and marketing in oil and gas industry
  • Management of gas distribution companies at competitive power markets
  • Energy of geothermal waters for heating systems
  • Geopower and geoengineering
  • Oil drilling and engineering
  • Gas engineering ? gas, water and sewer networks and installations

Doctoral studies in:

  • Mining and geological engineering